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Thai Mango Coconut Pudding

Never finish a yummy meal without a dessert specially the ones with ripe and sweet yummy yellow fruit – Mangoes and what is best is to combine it with the richness of Coconut milk.

Recipe & Pic by – Lakshmi Sandeep


Beautifully ripe mangoes – 2 or 3 Large,

CocoMama Coconut Milk – 1 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

Gelatin powder – 1 tbsp

Sugar – If needed

Preparation :

Make a yummy mango puree by blending the rippen flesh of the mangoes in a food processor.

Add CocoMama Coconut milk to the mango puree and mix well. Refrigerate while we finish up the remaining recipe.

Dissolve the gelatin powder in a mixing bowl by adding warm water, once dissolved add sugar (as per taste) and dissolve it completely. The liquid is all set to be mixed with Mango & coconut puree. Garnish with desiccated or grated coconut.

Combine all and your yummy dessert is ready to be served…and don’t forget to chill 🙂

A beautiful and classic Tropical glass filled with mangoes & coconut milk- who has the doubt here !!