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Prawn Curry with Coconut Milk

Spicy Prawn Curry complimented with the rich taste of coconut milk is the best way to enjoy a family Sunday lunch. Don’t take our word for that- try it out !


Oil , Onion Chopped, Ginger Garlic paste, Tomato paste or sliced

Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, Coriander powder,Salt, Coriander leave, Curry leave

Coco Mama Coconut Milk

Prawns (fresh / thawed)

Preparation :

Heat a pan with a dash of Oil, add onions, ginger garlic paste,curry leaves and saute until brown. Add the spice mix,salt to taste and saute until oil separates out. Then add washed and cleaned prawns with a bit of water. Let it simmer for 5-7 mins. The best ingredient comes last- add CocoMama Coconut milk and bring to a boil.

Garnish with coriander leaves and ready to be served with rice or Malabar paratha !

Is there a Malayalam word for Bon app├ętit – that’s for you to find out !

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